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Release Day : 2021.11.13

Resume : She has created an "erotic cool" boom and is still popular among women as a top artist. Limited quantity luxury BOX to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Kumi Koda! It contains a photo style book, a calendar with 32 spellings, and a separate BEAUTY BOOK. It's a fan club and a limited number of special boxes, so make a reservation early! Photo style book ■ Features of Photo Style Book A photo style book that is also on sale to the general public. A private Kumiko shot taken by the family from a long interview about "Koda Kumi" at that time, and a younger sister who can talk about the long underlay era from childhood to entering the entertainment world, and the sudden announcement of marriage at a big break. "Koda Kumi" who continues to evolve until the conversation with misono and has various faces is packed tightly ♡ ■ Features of the separate BEAUTY BOOK "All about K's Beauty Special Edition" A separate volume contained in a luxurious BOX. In this book, Kumi Koda's wedding ceremony is unveiled for the first time! Many people were wondering "what kind of wedding was it?" "What kind of wedding dress did you wear?" ♡ Ku-chan shared a completely private photo and a happy story to all of you ♡ In addition, this separate volume is packed with irresistible contents for fans, such as the makeup method that can be "Koda Kumi" and the BODY size chart of her face and body. Separate volume BEAUTY BOOK ■ Features of the privilege "KODA KUMI CALENDAR" The 32-sheet bonus calendar includes Kumi Koda's quotes along with unreleased cuts from the style book. Now that she is celebrating her 20th anniversary, she is pushed by the words she wants to convey and the words she wants to convey.